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Hello from Charleston, Window Tint

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 9:35 pm
by rossjo

How is everyone?

I haven't been on this board (or on the Trojan) for months now...

After 3-1/2 years of treatment, including 3 surgeries and 15 rounds of different chemotherapy, my wife's cancer (in stage 4) is finally getting a better.

We've re-assessed our life (spend a lot of it in Houston at MD Anderson these days), and decided to keep the Trojan F32 (along with a lot of other decisions).

Is has had the bottom completely ground off (fraudulent diver) and new epoxy, etc. + 4 coats of bottom paint and is getting new paint topsides. We've decided to tint the Salon windows (back + sides+ eye-brow over the front).

What kind of prices do you all see where you are at? We are in the marine canvas business, but surprised at the cost of window tinting now...

Hope everyone is well - sorry to not talk to anyone for so long...

Re: Hello from Charleston, Window Tint

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 6:24 am
by RWS
my wife suffers from Multiple Myeloma.

We went through chemo and a bone marrow transplant at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL.

Life changing event, for sure!



Re: Hello from Charleston, Window Tint

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 6:37 am
by prowlersfish
Welcome back . I hope every thing keeps improving . I was going to redo my tint darker a few years back , after get quotes I changed my mind . I don't remember what it was but to me it was high .

Re: Hello from Charleston, Window Tint

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 10:03 pm
by WayWeGo
Nice to hear from you!

Another thing to consider with tint is that you can now get almost clear tint that blocks both UV and infrared even better than dark tints of just a few years ago. My nephew works in a shop that installs it and he swears by it.

Re: Hello from Charleston, Window Tint

Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 7:42 am
by Stripermann2
Welcome back Capt Ross! Glad to hear your wife is on the road to recovery.
Sorry I can't offer any help on the tint.

Re: Hello from Charleston, Window Tint

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 8:56 am
by rossjo
Good morning and thank you for the support and advice.

Yes, it is a life changing, and we have a new perspective and appreciation of life.

as for the tint, the prices are way up with the improved economy it seems. We took down the annoying mimi-blinds, and need shade, but mostly privacy. The window son our 1974 F32 are slightly tinted now - perhaps a "95%" tint. We're thinking 15% or 5% for the back and sides. Since we still use our lower helm in the winter and in inclement weather, we would do the the forward tiangular windows on each side in 50% (so we can see if we come in after dark) and nothing on the front windows except a 10" eye-brow in "5% tint'" at the top and 8" strip at the bottom to know down deck glare.

Quotes from $850 to $1950 so far - not sure why such disparity, except the $850 guys were like the 2 stooges - they argued constantly amongst themselves, so they're out ;)

Transom completely redone last fall - 2 coats of epoxy primer, 4 coats of sprayed Awlgrip - new graphics. Looks great.

Radar Arch installed lats fall - antennas moved last week.

Just sanded off all paint o the bridge, 2 coats of white epoxy primer, and eliminated the black strip.... looks good. Will get a pro to spray it next month.

Good to be back on board - we're taking a group of friends on dinner cruise to to see the Tall Ship in Charleston Harbor today, and the boat is looking pretty good.

Happy Memorial Day week !!!!!!!!!!!!