Looking at an F25

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Re: Looking at an F25

Post by PNWAlan » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:42 am

oldboat1 wrote:Kicker rig here as well, on mine anyway (slow trolling for lakers):

I was looking at a Tollycraft some time ago (Maryland) that was a donation sale -- passed on it, and felt a little sorry I did. I had seem them in Seattle in my Dawg days, and like the layouts. Just for grins, found a 26' at Shilshole Bay: http://wrightyachtsales.com/1977-tollycraft-26/

Good luck in the search (looking is at least half the fun).
I actually saw that listing before and spent some time looking her over. I have been somewhat dreading the learning curve on a single screw inboard. It's been 50+ yrs. since I last sat at the helm of one. I can imagine that Tolly with all that sail area could be a real handful.

My dry stack marina is on a river with pretty strong tidal currents. It can be very "entertaining" to watch folks coming into the take out docks when the current is ripping one direction and the wind is gusting up in another. Or when the wind and current are screaming the same direction. You better nail your landing the first time 'cause you're not going to get a go 'round.

So I think my single handing days are over when I find m F boat.

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Re: Looking at an F25

Post by oldboat1 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:30 pm

Yeah, can be a challenge. The prop walk to port is interesting. Useful control once you get the hang of it. There are no tidal currents in the Finger Lakes (just summer boat wakes). I can turn the boat on its axis (pretty much anyway), when the wind is right and the lake is smooth. Otherwise all bets are off.

I liked the layout of the Tollycrafts. Had a bigger, solid feel to them.
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