Newbie looking for some basic advice

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Newbie looking for some basic advice

Post by JeremyinSF » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:23 pm

OK, so here's my situation. I've never owned a boat before. Other than an assortment of dive boats, I've never really been ON a boat -- didn't grow up around them -- know not very much about them. I've taken five days of classes on powerboating through Club Nautique, so I know the very very basics re navigation, operations, etc. Also not terribly mechanically inclined. Great start, right?

Anyway, from this auspicious beginning comes this -- I want a boat. I'm in the San Francisco Bay area, starting to get near retirement age, know that my future wherever it is will include a boat, so want to start learning firsthand. I'm taking a look at this beauty this weekend -- ... d=1&pid=68

A 1961 Trojan Sea Breeze 3400 Express with twin 275 hp 390 Interceptors. It's gorgeous -- well within my price range -- looks to be in great condition for a 56-year-old boat. Couple problems -- I feel immensely underequipped to assess this boat as a gem or a lemon -- also, I lack the knowledge to know what to look for -- if there are failings common to this boat -- etc.

Would anybody like to step up and just let me know a couple of questions I should be asking of the owner -- things to look out for in an inspection -- etc., etc. This is really terra incognita for me and while I've got a little bit of stupid money to throw around (I also own a 1989 BMW 635CSI, so I know about problematic older cars), it's not a bottomless supply and I don't want to sign up for three years of insane expense only to sell it for half what I paid.

All thoughts very much appreciated --


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Re: Newbie looking for some basic advice

Post by AlphaJustin » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:40 pm

14k is a lot of money to throw away when you don't know what you are looking at I would just spend the extra money and have a full survey done. When you make your offer you say it's contingent on a satisfactory survey and the seller almost always agrees to let you have it done if they don't they are hiding something. That said, it does look like a very nice boat.
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Re: Newbie looking for some basic advice

Post by todd brinkerhoff » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:06 am

In my humble opinion, your first boat and boat owning experience shouldn't be a 50 year old wooden boat. The learning curve to maintain the boats is so steep, and the costs associated, you'll be frustrated before you get started.

I always tell people to start with a smaller, fiberglass boat in good condition. Or, rent a boat for a season to see if you really enjoy it and have the time.

Many people get into boating with no idea of the money and time it takes to maintain a boat. They will then sell the boat for a loss and tell everyone that owning a boat is a horrible idea.
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