1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

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1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by emk101 »

My husband and I are looking into a new boat. Having grown up on a 1979 32' Trojan F32 Flybridge, I'm partial to Trojans.

I think they hold up well and the first and last things to go on that boat were the engines, which could have been replaced/rebuilt. They were volvo penta's I believe, but this was some time ago.

We are between 2 boats seriously, maybe a third. I wanted to hear from some people who have or have had a 95' Trojan 350 Cruiser.

This one is:
Asking ~43k
Twin 454-XL Cruisaders
675 Engine hours (twin Inboards)
12ft beam
The hull is stated as "fiberglass reinforced"
Genset, AC/Heat, Ice maker on deck, fridge on deck, sink on deck, full camper canvas (replaced 4 years ago)
Vacuflush head
Head pump and water heater replaced 2 years ago

**The one thing I saw on the boat was water intrusion around the windows in the V-berth. There was a decent amount of it.

We've seen this boat. It has all the bells and whistles. Upholstery doesn't need to be re-done. Everything seems clean.
There was no musty odor, no gas smell in the engine compartment.
It's in dry storage right now though.

Is this boat cored or not?
Anyone own this boat and can give me a review of how it's been holding up?
Anything to look out for with this boat?
I've never had Crusader engines, how do they stand up to the hours?

And lastly, if anyone knows, how do these boats handle with the crazy weather we get over the great lakes -- I'm on lake Ontario and had to get back to port in 10 ft rollers the other day, on an 18 ft century bowrider (which is one of the things that has us wanting a larger boat).

***We plan on getting a survey done, compression test, and having our independent mechanic check it out before purchase. We're being very picky and have seen close to 30 boats so far.

I've attached photos of the water damage and the over-all boat
boat.png (194.67 KiB) Viewed 2293 times
water boat.png
water boat.png (105.66 KiB) Viewed 2293 times
water boat 2.png
water boat 2.png (86.99 KiB) Viewed 2293 times

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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by todd brinkerhoff »

The 1995 Trojan 350 is a boat that was produced by Carver. Trojan Yachts went out of business in 1992. Carver used the name "Trojan" for a line of boats, but they were not designed, engineered, or produced by Trojan. They were completely engineered and made by Carver.

I believe Carver had solid fiberglass hulls. Your best bet is to check with a Carver forum. I would hazard to guess they don't have to amazing sea keeping abilities of the Trojan made internationals, but I wouldn't be able to confirm that.

Carver has made some nice boats though.

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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by prowlersfish »

That hull is one of the carry overs from Trojan built Trojans . Its based on the 10.8 meter express , now what changes carver made I do not know . Sorry I am not much help
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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by mikeandanne »

Have a look at this, from carver yachts website under owners drop down.

http://www.carveryachts.com/media/5072/ ... ess_95.pdf
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todd brinkerhoff
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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by todd brinkerhoff »

It was a boat entirely designed by Fulvio De Simoni. Fulvio was first contracted by Trojan to design the layout of the International 10.8 Meter Express, however the hull was designed by an Engineer at Bertram. When Carver purchased the name rights, they used the platform to create the Trojan Express 370, but changed the hull. The 350 was smaller, and entirely designed by Fulvio and Carver.
1991 Trojan International 10.8 Meter Express hull# 003 - 454 Crusaders
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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by RWS »

The Carver Trojans were Trojans in name only, and share nothing with the Lancaster built Trojans 1949-1992.

They should not be confused with the Trojan International line of boats, however, Carver-Trojans have a good reputation for being well made boats.

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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by kevinz »

I have owned our Trojan 350 for over ten years. Great boat. I am very tall (6'7") and this boat has the head room I need. Very fun to drive, gets on plane and cruises at 3200rpm @ 23-25mph. The Crusader engines are great. When I bought the boat, first thing I did was removed all the port holes (windows) and re-bedded them. I have the same color for the cabin, purple or mauve or what ever it is. I hate the color, and have plans to re-upholster it to tan. Also, the boat has wide side deck to get to bow. no crawl thru windshield. It has a solid fiberglass hull and feels solid when underway. The only thing I dislike is where the batteries are in the engine room. center line under deck plate. very hard to inspect. The generator is kind of hard to check oil. The head has the nice touch of a glass shower door in the wet head. Works very nice. Aft cabin is good for the kid or overnight couple. If I was to list ours today, it would be no where near the 43k. I would start at around 55k. So you might have a fair deal.
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Re: 1995 Trojan 350 Cruiser

Post by rickalan35 »

EMK....... I agree with Kevin. Great boat

I have a 1994 370

Your hull is solid from the rub rail down. I had a survey performed on mine whereby we drilled holes to confirm the hull was solid fibreglass, then used the West System to fill in drill holes. Above rub rail the hull is cored.

I believe port hole style window seals can dry out in most boats, however my experience has been that in the case of this model they don't see much water from wave action nor rain. So I'm not sure why the seepage unless the boat was out in some sizeable wave action. But I see that your plan is for a thorough survey anyway.

Carver did a good job on these boats in my view. Like all beamy, planing hulls - they don't appreciate a following sea a whole lot, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I have the same color scheme. I like to refer to it as grey. :D But it grows on you.

Great two person retirement boat in my view.


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