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“ The Last Trojan Internatonals were built in Lancaster, PA in the early 1990's. Refitting an International can make a great deal of sense if one is seeking a vessel for long term ownership. Lancaster built Internationals have zero in common with the Carver built Trojan Express series, which was a well built boat, sans Delta Conic Hull design from Pulaski WI.

During the bankruptcy proceedings the Trojan assets of Bertram-Trojan, Inc. were sold to Carver (owned by Miramar) in 1992 for approximately $800,000. Carver only took the name, trademark and the 10.8, 11, 12 and 13 Meter fiberglass boat molds. They never produced any other 10, 11, 12 or 13 Meter boats, nor did they produce any F series models. All of the fiberglass molds for these models were later destroyed.

Carver did not produce any Trojan boats in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Instead Carver produced its own version of Trojan in Carver factories in Pulaski, Wisconsin from modified Trojan fiberglass molds for the 10.8 Meter, thereafter known as the Trojan 360 Express by Carver. Carver changed the 10.8 Meter fiberglass molds and construction to simplify and reduce the cost, so the new 360 was not the same boat in terms of design detail or functionality as the original Trojan 10.8. The Carver 360 model was produced until 2005.

All other “Trojan Boats” that were eventually developed and produced at Carver were essentially a high end Carver product with the Trojan name and logo, sharing nothing else with the Brand except the designer of the Trojan 10.8 Meter Express, Fulvio de Simoni.”

For more information visit

1983 Trojan International 10 Meter
Twin Yanmar 315 Turbodiesels
Solid Glass Hull
Woodless Stringers
Full Hull Liner

Trojan International Website:


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