F-32 Sedan - Anchor/Running Light Needed

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F-32 Sedan - Anchor/Running Light Needed

Post by BradZ » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:48 am

I'm looking for the original anchor/running light that mounts to the lower part of the fly bridge Surround up front. I have a 1976 Trojan f-32 sedan. I want to restore her to as original as possible. Might take a few years but in the mean time we will enjoy going out for cruises. I attached a picture of what I'm looking for.
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1976 Trojan F-32 Sedan Home Port is Catawba Island live in Wadsworth Ohio

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Re: F-32 Sedan - Anchor/Running Light Needed

Post by captainmaniac » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:36 pm

Depends on what parts you are looking for - just light, or whole assembly - but not hard to recreate / refab. Basically stainless steel tube of a certain length and width (not sure if 3/4" or 1" is right) with a bend of a certain angle, with an easily replaced light mounted on the end, and wiring running down the middle. The 'spreaders' that help stabilize the mast are a stainless steel rod or steel rod that is chromed, bent on an angle with braces on each end to screw into the bridge fairing. If you can get 'used' parts, great. If not, will not take much to have them reproduced by someone.

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