Hoist position for Tri-cabin

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Bob Giaier
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Hoist position for Tri-cabin

Post by Bob Giaier » Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:27 am

We've had our 73 Tri-cabin since 2010 and every fall I have it hoisted out for winter storage. It's always a concern as to where to place the rear hoist straps. The hoist straps crush on the splash boards, so years ago I made some angular wood pieces covered with carpet to stand the hoist straps away from the splash boards which seemed to help with that. The last few seasons I positioned the rear hoist straps at the bulkhead forward of the engines that forms the wall to the rear head. That seems like the correct place but the hoist strap ends up going over the keel, which to me adds undue stress against this keel with the hoist straps. On a tricabin the keel ends a foot or so rearward of this bulkhead and it's just a flat bottom hull to the stern. If I go back there with the hoist straps I end up on the prop shafts.

I'm settling on the bulkhead forward of the engines and across the keel, but I guess I'm asking if anyone knows where Trojan recommended where the hoist points should be, so I can mark them with big black vinyl arrows.

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Re: Hoist position for Tri-cabin

Post by P-Dogg » Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:14 pm

Ill look when i get to the boat. I leave mine in the water because that is what Trojan recommends for my '85.
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