36ft Trogan tricabin new owner

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Re: 36ft Trogan tricabin new owner

Post by prowlersfish »

I am in Hampton roads Boat is in Hampton lower bay
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Re: 36ft Trogan tricabin new owner

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Lee oakley wrote:
Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:55 am
Yes it's in Lewes Delaware like I said am going to take her out on a few runs before I start the trip to check it out and make sure all is operating right now my problem taking the route you suggest is the distance it would add over 100 miles distance so more wear on everything granted there is the chance on weather waves running the Atlantic and also the possibility of a mechanical problem but very little chance of both engines failing and will have a GPS and radio incase of a emergency
Sanity check... Taking a few runs is not a thorough check. 100 miles is 8 hours cruising time --- 1 day. Open ocean, potential of 10+' waves. NOT GOOD. GPS will tell you where you are. Radio will let you call for help. But it could take hours for help to arrive, and you are on your own without control in a boat you don't really know, until then. Even if you don't lose both engines, operating on 1 engine you can't go more than 8 knots, and will have very little control over heading (the boat will crab, and large wave action will be impossible to fight against). Worse - anyone who is with you is also subject to whatever happens, though they had no control over this happening. It's not fair to put them through that.

Just take the inside route until you have a couple years experience with this unknown entity!! It's called 'pleasure boating' for a reason.

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