water hose location on Sherwood double pocket pump

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water hose location on Sherwood double pocket pump

Post by Footeloose » Sun Aug 04, 2019 6:51 pm

Hi all, Last fall I acquired a 1972 F36, 440 engines. The boat was on the hard 3 yrs. & I was permitted to start the engines, but only ran them briefly. This spring before launch I installed new impellers in both dbl. pocket Sherwood raw water pumps, raw water cooled. This spring I thought the engines were running a bit rough, so I did a compression test on the port, the roughest running. One cylinder had 0 compression, so i pulled the heads & a Mopar guy did the valve job. Before the valve job, it heated up, & now it's back running much better, but still heats up after running a while at the dock. The boat has lived on Lake Ontario, so always in fresh water. I backflushed the engine thru the hoses with a garden hose, & it seemed to flow properly, no sign of any impeller remnants from either oil cooler. Now i'm wondering if the hoses are improperly connected at the raw water pump. I tried to reinstall them the same as when I removed them, but not sure they were correct when I got the boat. Can one of you please describe the real meaning of the embossed letters on the pump. I assume these have all to do with the water intake & flow of the water through the engine, so to be sure of the attachments would guarantee that question. I appreciate the forum, & any & all help y'all can give. Thanks so much, Dave Foote, aka footeloose.

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Re: water hose location on Sherwood double pocket pump

Post by prowlersfish » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:53 am

going to post diagram on your other thread
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