Fresh water tank on a 89 10 meter mid-cabin

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Re: Fresh water tank on a 89 10 meter mid-cabin

Post by twigs »

Hey! Did you ever find the other end of that water hose?

I have a 1986 Trojan 10 Meter Express, Mid Cabin. I checked my forward bildge to find 2 inches of water. I drained it well and started drying it up when I saw a drip coming from my hose that is connected to the screen/filter that connects to the water pump. So we tightened the clamp up some. That did the trick as far as the drip goes. But as I sop up that water, more slowly appears from beneath the fiberglass bridge that the bildge pump sits on. It's like a plate that it sits on. The water slowly appears from there.

I believe that it may be dripping from the other end of this hose I just tightened up. And would LOVE to know how to access it without drilling holes. Not confident in doing so.

As I have read this entire thread I am wondering, could the hose run under the stairs? For example, if I were able to remove the top of the first step, would I be able to see the water tank and possibly the hose attaching to it? Or does it connect lower, beneath the tank?

I am so close to resolving this. I can feel it!

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Re: Fresh water tank on a 89 10 meter mid-cabin

Post by mrrudely »

I have a 1989 10 meter mid cabin
I have removed all of the steps and there is nothing to see there except the
very last step might expose a very short amount of hose (probably the water inlet hose)
The water tank outlet is, with much difficulty, visible from the forward bilge
it lies just above the keel
with a flashlight, mirror, and maybe camera aimed toward the stern you'll be able to see it
I would suggest getting the forward bilge as dry as possible first
I changed the hose but had to cut a hole is the sole to do it
could not figure any other way

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Re: Fresh water tank on a 89 10 meter mid-cabin

Post by zedtwentyate »

I probably have some pictures I can dig up...The tank is fiberglassed in between the two stringers. As Mr Rudely said, stick your head down in a preferably dry bilge...and look towards the rear of the boat. You should see a barbed fitting with the hose connected to it. Interestingly enough, mine did NOT have a hose clamp on it. I replaced it with a sharkbite fitting and a pex line coming off the tank. It was a major pain in the a$$ because of the limited access. Thank god for my long arms and supply of beer.

As our great friend Bob at beacon once told me, the Mid cabin is a great boat, but it was put together a little "sloppy". I would recommend you talk to him about a few of the typical woes you might face...NUMBER 1 on the list should be the limber holes in the stringers and your incoming air vent boxes. water intrusion kills these wood stringer mid cabins.

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1989 Trojan 10 Meter Mid Cabin

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