10 Meter Mid Cabin Owners Check Your Vents

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10 Meter Mid Cabin Owners Check Your Vents

Post by BeaconMarineBob »

10 Meter Mid Cabin Owners.
Check your vents.

On the 10 meter mid cabin International, no provision was made to divert rain water and wash down water from getting in the boat through the side vents and vent hoses.

Water can can get stuck inside the vent box which in time rots the plywood box that holds the engine room vent hoses. The hoses can then fall into the engine room, impairing the engine room natural venting.

We make a diverter which goes behind the vent and helps to divert rain water and wash down water back out the vent.

It is recommended that you remove the vents, port and starboard and check for damage.

These picture that will help you understand the problem.

First picture is from inside boat looking up to the vent.

The other picture are the diverter box we make.

The diverter box let the water run out the vent and not into the boat or down the vent tubs.”

The diverter box is available at the Trojan Boat Store.
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Re: 10 Meter Mid Cabin Owners Check Your Vents

Post by zedtwentyate »

Great post Bob!

That's what the inside of my vent box looked like. Rotted and disgusting. I was able to rebuild the box area an re-install the blower hoses. Then, after speaking to Bob, he and John did a great job of getting the boxes fabricated up to keep things dry. Thank you Bob!

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