Debris in fuel tank

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Debris in fuel tank

Post by dockedwages1 »

Carburetor rebuilder says lots of debris in carb when he took it apart. ‘74 F-44 with 2 180 gallon fuel tanks. There is inline metal fuel filters and water separators. I’m trying to not replace fuel tank obviously. Is there a better fuel filter system I could install to catch debris before it gets to carb? I would just buy a new tank if removing the old fuel and tank weren’t such a dangerous project. I measured today and the old tank will fit out the cabin door with minimal deconstruction. But what do I do with 180 gallons of fuel? Should I try to siphon debris off the bottom of the tank to help a little?

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Re: Debris in fuel tank

Post by WayWeGo »

If your fuel filters are working, you should not be getting debris in your carbs. The debris would be in the filters and they would get clogged, causing fuel starvation. Replacing them would give you relief for a while, but eventually, the debris in your tanks would cause them to clog again.

Have you checked your filters to see if they are still good? Or replaced them?

We run Racor filter/separators before the metal filters on the engines that are rated 10 micron at 98%. I am not sure about the rating for the metal filters on the engines, but they should never be a factor unless the Racors fail.
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Re: Debris in fuel tank

Post by prowlersfish »

Both Racor and Sierra make good filter systems .
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Re: Debris in fuel tank

Post by P-Dogg »

I bought a Gas Tapper off of Amazon when, err, uhh, my kid put antifreeze into the fuel tank. I made the boat list as far as I could, pulled the sender out of the tank, and stuck a plastic tube down into the low corner. Got all sorts of stuff out. You can search my posts for "gas" and find additional tips.

As WWG said, you should not have crap in the carbs if your filters are functioning properly. ... B00QSPU0NS
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Re: Debris in fuel tank

Post by BeaconMarineBob »

If you have galvanized tanks the stuff that leaches off the inside of the tank will get through any filter and end up in your carb. It starts out as a liquid and then becomes a solid.

If you dump the gas from your water separator into a clear container if the galvanized tank is coming apart it will leave orange sand and white flakes at the bottom of the container.

Also ethanol gas will leave white junk in your carb.

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