Looking For Trojan 1992-2003 Express For Sale

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Looking For Trojan 1992-2003 Express For Sale

Post by gusssd87 »

I have been on the "Boats for Sale" section and did not see what am looking for - I am currently in the market for a 1992-2003 40 Express either the 370/390 or 400 Model prefer Mid West Great Lakes Region but not a must. Also prefer good condition but will consider options if anyone knows "a someone who knows a someone" please post or contact me. Also if there is anyone who can provide a spec sheet or vessel dimentions that would be appreciated as well. Looking for the overall height from top of radar arch to bottom of props this would be needed for land transportation, as well as widest point of the beam is it truly 13'6"? Any other input would be welcomed

Thank you

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Re: Looking For Trojan 1992-2003 Express For Sale

Post by prowlersfish »

Most ( not all ) of us here are pre 92 ( pre Carver ) Beacon marine the site sponsor only has the pre Carver info . But maybe you'll get lucky and someone may have the info. You may also look at the 11 or 12 meters but they would be older the what you may want .
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Re: Looking For Trojan 1992-2003 Express For Sale

Post by Saltlife68 »

Hi there,

I just bought a '97 390 Express last May (actually my first boat ever!) so I'm still learning and can't quite quote facts from memory, but I do have all the manuals. Perhaps this could be of some help. I seem to recall seeing the overall dimensions. I'll probably be visiting her this weekend to start some spring cleaning and am happy to take a look.

Hope you find what you're looking for!
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Re: Looking For Trojan 1992-2003 Express For Sale

Post by rickalan35 »

Dear gusssd87,

Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed your post last night. I'm sure you've checked out Yachtworld for a 370, 390 and 410 Trojan Express individually. There are five models listed there at the moment. But those may have been the examples you were referring to when you mentioned you hadn't found what you were looking for.

Regardless, I own a '94 370 Express. Wonderful boat.

These Trojans are 12' 10" from bottom of props to top of the arch.

They are 13' 6" wide (yes they are)

Including the Pulpit, they are 39' 4" long.

They have an annoyingly deep draft that inspires caution in shallow water.......... 43" and that's before you start loading it up with people. Officially, according to the manual, for every 1,385 lbs of weight, you increase the draft by 1"

Dry Weight........ 17,700 lbs

Bridge clearance...... 11' 0"

Now for the good news, the hull from the rub rail down is solid fiberglass. They are not cored. The decks though are cored. Can't have it all, I guess :)

They hold 280 gallons of fuel, 91 gallons of fresh water and have a 50 gallon holding tank for the head.

Hope all this helps

Cheers, Rick
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