Remember to change your impeller(s)

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Remember to change your impeller(s)

Post by BeaconMarineBob »

Don’t let this happen to you. Now is the time to change your impeller(s) before the season starts.
On an open or closed cooling system -- if you blow a impeller you need to find every piece before installing a new impeller.

The general rule:
Most manufacturers recommend every two years. It's probably a good idea to change them every year.
If you try to stretch it to three seasons, it's very likely that you'll begin throwing vanes. The time and effort it takes to find all the shards of a broken impeller -- will have you wishing you'd replaced the impeller.

It is our opinion that every Captain should know how to change the impellers on his boat and carry a minimum of one new impeller on board for emergency replacement. If you do not know which impeller you need for your Trojan -- text, email or call us.

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Re: Remember to change your impeller (s)

Post by P-Dogg »

Good reminder. Also change engine anodes for closed cooling while you are at it -- another easy-to-forget item.
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Re: Remember to change your impeller (s)

Post by zedtwentyate »

Great share Bob! Just did both of mine yesterday. First time in 2 my surprise, they were both in perfect aesthetic condition! Still, I changed them out and feel much more confident this year...

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Re: Remember to change your impeller (s)

Post by larryeddington »

mine disintegrated in the F28, changing now and changing the F36 next.
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Re: Remember to change your impeller (s)

Post by buffalobill »

Hello Bob, we have a 1980 F 32 with chrysler 360 engines. What is the impeller part number and $. Thanks

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Re: Remember to change your impeller (s)

Post by prowlersfish »

buffalobill wrote:
Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:48 am
Hello Bob, we have a 1980 F 32 with chrysler 360 engines. What is the impeller part number and $. Thanks
Best to give Bob a call at Beacon Marine
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