shine on a old boat

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shine on a old boat

Post by dgielow »

I have a 1988 12 meter international i recently got and it has not seen any love for a long while, what kind of products have you guys used to bring back the shine that is hiding under the chalkiness

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Re: shine on a old boat

Post by prowlersfish »

Buff with compound or 3m marine cleaner wax depending how bad
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Re: shine on a old boat

Post by kc-excursion »


We went through this process a few years ago:

From the Rub Rail down we did the following: we didn't do the wet standing, I felt we could go directly to compounding. It took 5 days of about 5 hours to due everything below the rubrail - this was a big chore. These are my notes taken from different forums over the years.

Wet Sanding
800 Grit
1000 Grit

3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound

3M’s Perfect-It Machine Polish
3M’s Finesse-It polish (2nd step)

Star Brite’s Premium Marine Polish with PTEF (done by hand)
1. Synthetic sealers don't add the depth or have the void filling characteristics of a good quality marine wax, nor do they have level of UV inhibitors found in good waxes, but they are very effective at sealing out oxygen on a long term basis. Much longer than wax alone.
2. Wipe on a thin coat with a clean flannel rag and buff it off by hand with a microfiber cloth after about thirty seconds. Waiting too long with this product will leave streaks. When the whole boat has been sealed, give it about an hour to dry before adding a coat of wax.
3. Starbrite recommends two coats 24 hours apart

3M’s Ultra Performance Paste Wax

From the Rub Rail Up, we did the following:
A few other boaters at the marina had used a product called poliglow. Some people hate it others love it. This will be the 2nd year (3rd summer) and the product is holding up very well, the white it shiny and easy to wash. We power wash the boat several times a season and the remainder is brush and hose.

I didn't want to buff/polish due to the deep texture. Our fiberglass was oxidized, the wash water was always stained white. Since the application, the boat washes up quickly and easily, no white residue on your feet when walking around.

For us, we like the product and will reapply sometime in the future. You need to be very meticulous in the cleaning process.

Good Luck
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Re: shine on a old boat

Post by mowens »

So the marina recomended I clean the boat with Toilet bowl cleaner. Mix it 1 bottle per gallon of water with a splash of dawn. Deck brush the whole boat and let it sit then runse. That cleans all the wax and oxidation off. Might need two applications, I didn't. Then go back with a polish. I use Nu-Finish put on let dry wipe off, shines like the sun.

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Re: shine on a old boat

Post by Away »

Got any pics before and after. Sounds unbelievable. Great if it really works.
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Re: shine on a old boat

Post by lasker »

if it was a 78 not a 88.. Poly glo for a wet look...for old boats the instruction!
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Re: shine on a old boat

Post by RWS »

lasker wrote:
Wed May 13, 2020 10:46 am
if it was a 78 not a 88.. Poly glo for a wet look...for old boats the instruction!
Based on my experience FIRST HAND on my Grady White

Poly Glo is an amazing product at first

Makes the boat look like new

Seems unbelievable !

as it is attacked by the sun, and the UV light breaks the product down it turns YELLOW and flakes off and is nearly IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE

It is basically an old fashioned FLOOR WAX for asphalt tile floors

do a google search on poli glo and include the word YELLOW or YELLOWING



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