1976 Chrysler 318 CW and CCW distributors

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1976 Chrysler 318 CW and CCW distributors

Post by Svend »

on 1976 Chrysler 318 CW and CCW distributors, do I need to buy the same units or different version for each rotation?

I also heard one side has a plate that lifts the distributor around 1/2" to make the same unit work?
If this is true, what does raising it slightly do mechanically to make it work ;-)


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Re: 1976 Chrysler 318 CW and CCW distributors

Post by prowlersfish »

Both distributors turn the same way . On the reverse turn engine (clock wise / right turn ) a spacer is used to keep the oil pump/distributor drive gear from riding up on the cam gear . I do not remember if the distributors are different
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Re: 1976 Chrysler 318 CW and CCW distributors

Post by BeaconMarineBob »

Both distributors are the same.
The clockwise 318/360 has a collar which keeps the distributor drive gear in place. Without the collar, it would ride up and wear the cam gear as it would not be fully engaged. Engine direction is always from the flywheel. Setting on the drive looking forward. An automobile distributor will not work on a CW 318 or 360.

We sell a Marine 318/360 distributor which is listed in the Trojan Boat Store under Chrysler parts.
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Re: 1976 Chrysler 318 CW and CCW distributors

Post by larryeddington »

I just put two new Pertronics distributors, easy peasy to install and work perfectly, oh yes they are the same distributors, turn same way, just firing order is different. Put em in, moved wires, started right up then set base timing. Perrrrfect.
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