blower motor

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blower motor

Post by lasker »

is there a fiting to oil that motor..makes noise to try to run
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Re: blower motor

Post by WayWeGo »

By the time you are getting that noise, the blower motor is most likely ready to fail and oil will not repair the damage to the bearings. I would replace it before it fails and you are left without a working blower to vent the engine compartment before starting.
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Re: blower motor

Post by RWS »

shortly after getting my 10 meter, and before the diesel refit my blower began its horrific death squeal.

I removed it and found nothing to oil - nowhere to oil

Drilled two tiny holed in it to deliver some oil

it got quiet

then, after one or more uses and all the trouble of removing and reinstallation, it passed on to the netherworld of dead and forgotten blower motors.


In the end, it wasnt worth the attempted repair

Kinda like that girl you spend all that time wooing and romancing and when you finally "get some" it's not that good

Clearly, not worth all that work either.



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