Hollow keel stink

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Hollow keel stink

Post by Smileybritton »

I recently learned of my hollow keel in my 1985 Tri-cabin, after I cleaned the forward bilge.
I had a strange smell, thought it was the stagnant water in the bilge, after cleaning, the smell got worse and I thought I had a leak, then learned about Limber holes from the forum.
I removed the water that leached into bilge from limber holes after sitting for a week and broke up a pool clorine tablet and through in bilge.
Has anyone tried this to stop the smell?
I'm on the second day, and now can only smell a hint of clorine, which is much better than what I had.

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Re: Hollow keel stink

Post by Away »

Do a search on Hollow Keel, you can follow my Posts "Away"
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Re: Hollow keel stink

Post by WayWeGo »

Chlorine is a strong oxidant, so go carefully. It will accelerate rust on anything in the bilge. I do not use it anywhere in the interior of my boat except in the sealed waste treatment unit.

I would never use it on a regular basis!
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