1972 trojan 36ft tri-cabin

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1972 trojan 36ft tri-cabin

Post by tro1952 »

hello, i am the new owner of a 1972 trojan 36 ft tri-cabin. former owner rewired the whole boat 120 volt and all 12 volt all new fuse panels ,new white kitchen cabinets and baths remolded newer ac/heat unit. one engine was rebuilt my questions are. does anyone know where i can get a replacement wood transmission handle for the starbough side it is broken off at the medal rod. i dont know if they are the same handle for port side. does anyone have them for sale as used they are selling. also looking for 2 chrome ends for the white mast lite .one end mounts to the windsheild and the other is on the pole end and it has a bolt that goes thur it so you can adjust the pole up or down . i think they are made of pot medal.if anyone has these parts for sale .please let me know. thanks

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Re: 1972 trojan 36ft tri-cabin

Post by prowlersfish »

Check with Beacon marine .
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Re: 1972 trojan 36ft tri-cabin

Post by rickalan35 »

Hi Tro52,

My former '74 Tricabin had chrome transmission handles. I have not seen wooden handles on these boats nor heard of them until now. Are you sure the previous owner did not change out the stock handles for custom wood units? Maybe someone more experienced than I will have an answer for you.

But obviously if you can find a tricabin rotting away in the back of marina somewhere, you will have a "parts car."

In regard to the light mast. My light staff broke about half-way up to the bulb from the base. I had a replacement custom-made by a metal fabrication shop. So I guess I'm really no help there either. The stock staff was cheaply made though, surprisingly enough.

Good luck with your tri-cabin, my friend. Great hull. Had mine a long time.

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