Updating a Trojan keeping it traditional

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Updating a Trojan keeping it traditional

Post by Gignatius »

Purchasing a Trojan Tri Cabin that has a full fiberglass hull. The boat has been maintained wonderfully. I want to keep it as true to Trojan as possible, while upgrading it for a modern owner. I wanted to put bidet toilets in both heads. Thoughts? I would like to have a steam shower. You don’t use much water if you have steam. I plan to upgrade the electric panel. My thought is to replace the area that was used for tools with an LG combo Washer/Dryer. The unit is really elegant, and the space works. I also want to do refrigerator/freezer drawers from subzero or Kitchen Aid. I’d like to do one of the Bosch 18” dishwashers. The sink I think needs to be a single basin sink. An induction cooktop with a combo convection/microwave oven upgrades the cooking area. I want to get one of the electric pizza ovens that can do 750 for flatbread type pizza. I think the countertops in the cooking area and the baths need to be corian or granite. What have others done? What worked and what didn’t? I’m thinking about replacing the shag carpet with bamboo.

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Re: Updating a Trojan keeping it traditional

Post by prowlersfish »

That is a lot of work . First A bidet toilet ? Being a house hold type tolet it won't be able to flush on a boat . Unless there is a marine one with a pump .I have never seen one . For all the other upgrades , you will really need to up grade the shore power . Most likley to 250 volt 50 amp not cheap . Your up grades will be costly . Something you will not get back when sold . Do yoy plan on keeping her for a long time ?

Others have done upgrades but not likley the same type .
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Re: Updating a Trojan keeping it traditional

Post by RWS »

We all know that a boat is NOT an asset like a home, it is an expense who's value declines

Depreciating assets decline in value over time and are worth less and less the longer you own the asset.

Our boats are at the bottom of the depreciation curve

it would be interesting to see a budget for these upgrades

With that done, then see the rationale

In the end, does the RATIONALE justify the BUDGET?

I don't see it here, but people thought I was nutz for doing my Yanmar repower.......................... back in 2005 :)


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Re: Updating a Trojan keeping it traditional

Post by Boppy »

What the _______??????

Oh well, everyone needs a dream. Mine’s putting lithium batteries in the house bank and solar panels on the hardtop.

Just trying to imagine the size of the power bank needed to run the 750F pizza oven alone.

Oh, my head!! :shock:
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Re: Updating a Trojan keeping it traditional

Post by rickalan35 »

Hi Gignatius,

Don't know if you already bought the boat. A survey is a very sound approach before forking over the cash.

Make sure the rear bedroom is NOT leaking at both rear corners. The water will soak your shins while you sleep. It's a common weakness in these old girls but it CAN be fixed. Better though just to avoid buying a leaker.

With all that cooking on warm summer days and/or with that summer sun beating down on your cabin roof..... what kind of air-conditioning system were you thinking about installing?? How many BTU's were you considering? You'll probably need 13000 for the cabin and front stateroom. The rear cabin will need 7500. Resist the temptation to go lower BTU's. That tool area where you are considering installing the washer/dryer is where the air conditioning system was located in my Tricabin

May I also suggest ripping out the seating in the cockpit and building a U-shaped seating arrangement for nine? I did that on my TriCabin. What kind of sound system do you have in mind.

Best of luck

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