cleaning edlebrock carbs

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cleaning edlebrock carbs

Post by buffalobill »

Testing the waters out there for anybody who has cleaned out a edlebrock carb. Our F32 has 1 on each 360 engine and the starboard engine once in a while will die at idle under load and when I looked down the throat while in winter storage it looks dull and not the shiney alum. surface as most carbs look when clean. Any thoughts out there?

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Re: cleaning edlebrock carbs

Post by prowlersfish »

You can try cleaning with spray carb cleaner , but it won't make it shine and likely won't help much . Your issue could be simple adjustments . If it is not adjustments then a disassemble and clean maybe in order (overhaul) . But it still won't shine lol .
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Re: cleaning edlebrock carbs

Post by WayWeGo »

There are some carburetor cleaning solutions that come in a 5 gallon bucket with a colander-like tray for parts that you dip into the solution. The one I have will definitely get aluminum looking bright and shiny. You have to be really careful what you put in there -- it will destroy gaskets and seals.

I completely disassemble to the discrete part level before cleaning in that solution. Afterwards, I use a heated, water based solvent in a ultrasonic cleaner, then rinse in hot water and blow dry. It is amazing how clean parts will get!
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