Leaking salon windows in 12m convertble

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Leaking salon windows in 12m convertble

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My salon windows leak at the lower edge into the salon. Prior owner siliconed the windows shut in an effort to solve the problem. They don’t slide now. On the starboard it leaks onto the the breaker panel. Not good. The port and starboard window frames appears connected to the frames around the front windows as one contiguous structure. This makes for a difficult job to just remove the salon frames and reseal them.
Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem on my12m convertible, 1988?
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Re: Leaking salon windows in 12m convertble

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I had what I thought was window leakage into the cabin but it turned out it was from old/hardened or non-existent sealing between the railing mounting bolts and the cabin top. I backed off the screw just enough to get some room to squeeze in some silicone sealant between the rail mount and the cabin top. Voila! No more leaks. That was 15 years ago and still no leaks. So, maybe, just maybe you could check out leakage candidates other than the window frames?
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