Trojan f32

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Tony S.
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Trojan f32

Post by Tony S. »

I’ve been looking at a 1985 f32 and the survey came back with major structure issues in the bow deck, top sides and bridge floor.
Wet and spongy was the wording.
With that said, has anyone had issues with this problem and what was the fix?
I’m trying to understand the structure of the deck and process of the repair.
Apparently the cost is not worth it from what I was told.
Feedback on this appreciated

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Re: Trojan f32

Post by Velislide »

Seems to be a common issue from what I've read. Mine has a couple soft spots in the forward bow deck, and I noticed water intrusion into the flybridge floor under the console, likely unsealed screw holes and rain getting in over the years. Still solid where you walk, I'll likely just cut it out from the top side and glass in a new piece of plywood, glass over that, and reinstall the console. Plan on taking out the console anyways, and cutting it down, since that thing is a mammoth for what's really needed up there.

The work being worth it, that depends on what you think of the boat, and the deal you get. I wouldn't pay a ton for a F32, but if you can be 20-30k into one that's all updated, and like new, I think it would be a hell of a boat in the end. In its original form, they are a boring old boat, to me.

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Re: Trojan f32

Post by prowlersfish »

There are several ways to address the soft decks. The issue is not uncommon to older boats. The best way and hardest is to cut and remove the f glass deck and replace the core. The factory used balsa core as its light and easy to work with. It will last if water is kept out Other choices are Coosa board and Divinycell, not cheap and won't rot. Plywood is not a good choice for several reasons. Its heavy, flat, and resists bending. and your deck is not and it can rot too. ... sa%20Board

Another option is Injectadeck . People I know that used it are happy with it don't confuse it with epoxy or great stuff.

If it's not too bad you can live with it. I have 2 smaller soft spots on mine. ( fall project) .

Bad fixes epoxy injection and great stuff.

The F32 is a nice boat, very practical and most owners do not find them boring. I sure don't find my F36 boring.
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Re: Trojan f32

Post by willietrojan »

Had the same issues years ago, see old post viewt ... highlight=
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Re: Trojan f32

Post by kallen »

No mention of stringer problems ? Having been thru what you are thinking of doing STOP. Unless you want to throw LOTS of money,time,may be a divorce. Find a better F-32. Had my F-32 22 years. Sold it last august. I miss it. But after 22 years I still would not change a thing. Keep looking.

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Re: Trojan f32

Post by rickalan35 »

Kallen has just offered some very good advice in my opinion.

Pay more if necessary for decks that have NOT delaminated.

Best of luck with whatever decision you make.

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