Post Clever Boat Names

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Post Clever Boat Names

Post by JimmyPajama »

Would love to hear from members on clever boat names. I almost named my F32 harbored in Minnetonka "Some Of Them Used"...wife put the kibosh on that. :D :D
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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by kallen »

How about "Burnin Rubber ".. I use to drag race

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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by prowlersfish »

It can be harder picking a boat name then the
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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by dab62 »

All Wrapt Up. Kinda says it all.
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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by kbait »

-written upside-down- ‘Send Help’

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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by larryeddington »

As my boats were rescued I used The Phoenix and The Phoenix II as both rose from the ashes.
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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by P-Dogg »

My wife likes to tool around in the 10' Apex rigid inflatable boat (RIB) that is mounted on the back of our tricab, says it adds a lot to the boating experience. Yet curiously, she nixed the name "Ribbed For Her Pleasure."
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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by oldboat1 »

"Pajama Party"
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Re: Post Clever Boat Names

Post by Smileybritton »

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