F26 Hull changes

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Ralph Rowe
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F26 Hull changes

Post by Ralph Rowe » Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:16 am

I am looking to purchase a clean F26 and have been doing a lot of research on line but can not seem to find out if there were any hull changes from say 1977 to 1982. This is the perfect boat for my wife and I to do short overnight cruises. To bad they stopped making it.

Ralph Rowe

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Post by Dave » Mon Dec 12, 2005 12:10 pm

I am selling my F26.. Its a 1972 and in GREAT Condition.. Smooth Ride and a custom Oversized rudder.. I just recently pulled the Original Cooler and planned to replace it with a Real Fridgerator.. It has full 12V/110 Electrical System recently installed / 2 marine Batteries / Chrysler 318 in Mint Condition and runs Perfectly / Garmin Fishfinder / VHF Radio / Bimini Top and Full Cockpit Canvas / Stainless Steel Trim Tabs / Bronze 3 Blade Prop / Sink in Kitchen and Head / Dinette / Small Fiberglass Bait Tank / Rod Holders / Etc.

I am looking for a Full BLOWN Fishing Boat.. This one is fine for Fishing, But is also a Family Cruiser for Overnight trips, and I simply dont need this much boat..

Let me know if you are interested.. I am in "Oceanside" North San Diego..

The Boat is in a Slip in the Harbor, So a trailer will be needed..



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Post by Trojanboats.net » Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:01 pm




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Post by wvernie » Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:28 pm

I have a 1976 Trojan F-26 for sale. It is located in WV and has spent its life in fresh water. We feel that our boat is in very good condition and would make anyone a good craft.

Ralph Rowe
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Post by Ralph Rowe » Mon Feb 27, 2006 9:10 am

wvernie-I am interested in your 1977 f26. Need more info.

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25FT and 26FT Hulls

Post by jon_e_quest » Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:33 pm

Trojan changed the F-25 and F-26 models a couple of times from 1970 to 1975. I don't have the exact dates, but here's what I've picked up along the way. If anyone out there has better information, please pipe in!

At the beginning of the decade, The 25ft Trojan Sea Raider used a FG hull. The sheerline was straight from bow to stern and it's deck and cabin top was vinyl over plywood. The boat styled to look like the wooden models produced in the late 1960's.

Trojan introduced a 26' model in 1972. This boat looks nothing like the other models produced by Trojan during this period. It's cabin had large windows and was set farther aft providing a longish foredeck and shortish cockpit. It was apparently not successful because it was not offered for 1973.

In the mean time, a new 'F-25' was introduced for 1973. It had the same familiar 'sportfish' up-sweeping sheerline more commonly identified with later F-26's, F-32's and F-36's. The beam was 10'2". Power was usually provided by a single 233hp Mercruiser (Ford) 351.

By approximately 1975, the F-25 hull was 'stretched' one foot behind the cabin bulkhead, and was called... the F-26! That extra foot had the following advantages: 1. Roomier cockpit. 2: It permitted a Flybridge option. 3. It improved handling (discussed later). The easiest way to tell the 1973 F-25 from the 'stretched' 1975 F-26 is by looking at the shape of the windshield sideglass. On Express models, the early F-25's triangular sideglass is much shorter than the elongated triangle of the later F-26. On Hardtop models, the early F-25 used the same Express model side glass, while the later F-26 had a trapezoidal design, with sliding panes. The teak cockpit sole was replaced with FG for the 1977 model year. The teak helm was also switched to FG that year. Power was initally provided by the Merc 233, but then switched to the venerable Chrysler 225.

Also in 1975, Trojan introduced a 'new' F-25, with a 9'4" beam. The hull had a straight sheerline, like the 'old' FG model of 1970. It was offered in both Express and HT form, and nearly all were powered by a single 225hp Chrysler Marine 318. Initially, the boat featured a built-in bench on the foredeck. An optional Flybridge was not offered on this model.

Both the late model F-25 and the late model F-26 share the same mechanical gear (14x10 prop, as well the same shaft and rudder). And they both benefitted from trim and finish upgrades through the years, but the hulls remained unchanged thru 1983.

I've owned a 1978 F-25 and a 1976 F-26. I prefer the perfectly proportioned lines of the F-26 to the stubby looking F-25. I also like the use of real teak in the interior in my F-26. My F-25 used wood-grained Formica throughout. My F-25 had a FG cockpit sole, which is much cooler to the touch than the F-26's composite teak plywood. But the teak hides the dirt better. Also, the F-26 has a larger head. I think the F-25's head was Trojan's way of reminding you that you should have bought the F-26!!! The F-25 is lighter and so marginally faster, but it is more prone to severe over-planing (nose diving) if the trim isn't set just so. If I understand John at Marine Tech correctly, the hulls of both models were 'hydrodynamically challenged' because the engines were positioned farther aft than ideal to gain cabin room. Trojan engineers tried to improve performance by adding a ventilation plate which extended several inches aft of the rudder port. You may also notice a small delta-wing form cast into the top of the factory equipped rudder. Both 'modifications' were supposed to 'trick' the hull into thinking it was longer, but the problem was never totally eliminated. Last summer, I added a plate to my F-26 on John's advice. (Note: the F-26 Flybridge will overplane much more easily than the non-FB model.)

Whichever model you prefer in the end, all 25ft and 26ft models are perfect cruisers for the budget minded. I know my next cruiser will be a Trojan!
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