Trojan 36 Convertible windows

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Trojan 36 Convertible windows

Post by jb100 »

Has anyone changed the windows in a Trojan 36? I have 2 windows with cracks in them that I will need to replace this spring. Can I replace these with some type of Clear Plastic Window? Would this be a better option then Glass? If so can I get the Plastic in a tint?

My current glass windows are also missing much of the original edging on them that would let the glass slide easier. If Glass is the best option still can I get new edging for the glass?

I guess I will still need the edging even if I used Plastic

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Post by prowlersfish »

I would stay with the glass you can get the window chanels here at I done think there is any thing on the winows but the eges are rounded( I think)

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Post by yukondiver »

I replaced the 3 front windows in my F-32 Sedan a few years back and it wasn't too hard of a job, but still an all day project. I now have to do them again because after installing tint on them the two large front windows cracked due to excessive heat and not enough room for expansion!

To replace the windows I first removed all of the screws on the window frame that are accessed from the inside of the boat. Next, on the outside of the windows pry off the metal rail on each side of the window, being careful not to bend it. Then, score around the window perimeter with a utility knife to help separate the window caulking. Now here comes the fun part, from the inside carefully push out the window by pushing out from as close to an edge as possible. It may be necessary to run the knife or a scraper under the window where it mates to the window frame. Be sure to wear good gloves and eye protection. The window will likely break more during removal.

With the old window out, scrape and clean the frame and and rail pieces. I made a carboard template the of the irregular shaped openings for sizing of the new glass (since the old windows broke so much upon removal). There's not much of a lip for the window to sit against and it must fit within a tight tolerance, relatively speaking for windows.

Last time I used safety (laminated) clear glass. This time I will again use laminated safety glass, but already tinted by the manufacturer (from a local supplier) and cut slightly smaller to allow room for expansion.

I would not use plastic because that large of a size would flex too much and might scratch, I would think.

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Just replaced one

Post by Buckknekkid »

cleaning all the old crud out of the channels was the worst part. 1 hour for the window 2 hours for the frames.
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