Trojan Hull numbering and TRJ Numbering

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Trojan Hull numbering and TRJ Numbering

Post by BeaconMarineBob » Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:06 pm

Hull number - TRJ number

The TRJ (Coast Guard certification number) is found on the starboard side of the transom just above the swim deck if she has a one. This would be true of all fiberglass Trojan hulls 1970 - 1992. TRJ stands for TROJAN and this is the Coast Guard certification number and the one that is often found on your registration.

The Hull number or as is some time referred to the (working hull number) is found on a tag made of aluminum by the AC DC panel, inside the door of the AC DC panel or below the AC DC panel. On some smaller Trojan under 30 ft it is often found on the back of the head door or a closet door.
On the F 30 Clean Machine it is on the inside of the closet door starboard side forward.
This Trojan tag has the engine ID number (s), inspector number and the Hull number which is three numbers followed by four. This number is its finger print of your Trojan and is the easiest to work with or decode.

The first three numbers are the model of you Trojan 321 is a F 32 Sedan, 251 is a F 25, 210 is a 25 foot Sea Raider 309 is a 30 foot Sea Raider 301 is a F 30, 440 is a F 36 TriCabin, 460 is a F 36 Sedan, 500 is a 42 MY.

The fourth number or first number in the second set is the year. Hull number 321 7045 = F 32 year 1977 second set of three is its production number in this sample 045 is the 45 F 32 built since production started in 1970.

The problem with with the working hull number is that on large production boats like the F 32 some times the production numbering started over. So if you do not know if your Trojan was was build in the 70 or 80 then you would need the TRJ number as well to know if the 7 was 1977 or 1987

If you have a wooden Trojan 1945 - 1969 then she would only have a Trojan tag as described above or before 1955 she may only have the three number followed by four stamped inside of the transom, the engine stringers inside of the engine hatch.

If you need help with a TRJ number or Hull number Please call or or E mail us at

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Post by Stripermann2 » Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:58 am

Thanks for the info Bob.

In your example,

"The fourth number or first number in the second set is the year. Hull number 321 7045 = F 32 year 1977 second set of three is its production number in this sample 045 is the 45 F 32 built since production started in 1970. "

My F32 is a 1985 model with hull number as 321-5016. Can't imagine this is only the 16th F32 produce since 1970...or do you mean the 16th F32 of the production year?


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Post by jon_e_quest » Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:45 pm

Another example: My 1972 Tri-Cabin's hull number is 4402763. The '440' is the model designation and the '2' represents the model year... in this case 1972. The last set of numbers confuses me because I can't believe Trojan had produced 763 Tri-Cabins (Sea Raiders & 'F-boats') in the first three years of production.

For comparison, Chris Craft's competing 35' Double Cabin achieved only 386 hulls after it's first five years of production from 1973-1977.

I emailed Bob to see if he could shed some light on that first number after the year designation.
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Re: Trojan Hull numbering and TRJ Numbering

Post by 1967 seavoyager » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:22 pm

Mine is a '67 36 sea voyager express hull # 95-7015 on the plate under the dash & stamped in the keel.
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Re: Trojan Hull numbering and TRJ Numbering

Post by Archiee » Mon May 20, 2013 5:06 am

Such as a good details about TRJ Numbering.

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Re: Trojan Hull numbering and TRJ Numbering

Post by 63Skiffhardtop » Sun May 04, 2014 9:32 am

Hi Bob I spoke with you the other day about my skiff. Here is the hull no. 69-3050 The title I have says the year is 1963 and its a 25ft boat.

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