15 Meter Trojan - ACTUAL PHOTO

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Post by captainmaniac »

Big D wrote:Thanks for the pic. Dawsons sure sold a lot of Trojans.
That's where Water Music originally came from, all those years ago! I have two of these anchors still stuck to the stainless stove hood.


Almost bought an F32 transom off Doug a few years back. They used to use it for their trade show booth when they ran 'Computer Boat Search' (like yachtworld, but BEFORE the INTERNET!!!!). Thought it would make a great bar in the basement... until I realized there was no bloody way I could get it into the basement....

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Post by Big D »

I've got one of those on my helm
She was a 1969 36 ft wooden beauty with big blue 440s that we'll miss forever.
And thanks to the gang, 2012 Trojan Boater Of The Year

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Re: 15 Meter Trojan - ACTUAL PHOTO

Post by llemartz16z06 »

Thanks to all for the response to my earlier post. This photo was for the sales brochure taken near Key Biscayne.
I was in a chase boat with additional staff for the interior photo shoot later that day.
Good to see her again.
We had plans to build a 20 meter boat as well.

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Re: 15 Meter Trojan - ACTUAL PHOTO

Post by JimmyPajama »

What a beautiful boat. You can see the Trojan DNA that we all appreciate in our boats. What would a Trojan look like today, especially if they did not follow the trends but their own way like they did for so many years. I bought my Trojan from a friend not knowing much about the brand. I've had it for a season and a half on Lake Minnetonka and I get comments from people all the time. There's not much info on the 15 meter I did find this. It's from Sport Boating Magazine Trends issue 1985 If I find more I'll post. Cheers.
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1979 F32 Express Lake Minnetonka

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