Not sure if I have Heat on my Cruisair??

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Not sure if I have Heat on my Cruisair??

Post by moondog »

Hello All, I have a 1979 Trojan Tricabin with 2 Cruisair units. I have owned the boat for a little over 2 seasons. The Air works great, but it has never put heat out. How can I confirm that I have heat mode (or reverse cycle) units on this? I am going to grab the model # tomorow. The boat does have 2 electric heaters that I believe are original to the boat that work great, however I would like to know if I can heat via the Cruisair. They are the 3 nob controls and they do have a colder/warmer on the one dial. I was told that most do have heat mode/reverse cycle but there are a few that don't. Is there an easy way to figure this one out?
Thanks in advance.

1979 Trojan Tri-Cabin

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Re: Not sure if I have Heat on my Cruisair??

Post by prowlersfish »

Can you post a photo of both units ? I can see if its go the reversing valve U can tell by the model numbers also But may have to look it up . On my boat one unit is air only and the other is heat/ac . Both controls look about the same .I don't rember I one says heat if I remember I will look tomorrow.

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Re: Not sure if I have Heat on my Cruisair??

Post by aaronbocknek »

you may also want to rotate the 'warmer/colder' knob all the way to warmer. sometimes there will be an audible 'click' of the thermostat switching from a/c to heat. sometimes. not always. i don't always hear the click on mine, but it does switch from cold to heat after a few minutes. one thing to keep in mind...........the heat function will not work once the ambient water temp is BELOW 45. at that temp, the reverse system cannot suck enough 'warm' out of the water to heat. just some food for thought.

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Re: Not sure if I have Heat on my Cruisair??

Post by RonW »

This spring (2015) I bought a 1975 F44 with the same two original units. My previous boat (42 Excalibur) had the exact same control panel and would switch to heat when set to Warmer. The ones on my F44 don't. They appear to be only A/C. I didn't discover this until October. All summer, I wondered why there were electric heaters in the wall. Now I know. They work surprisingly well considering the size of the space.

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