Trojan Sea Queen sea worthiness

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Trojan Sea Queen sea worthiness

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I am considering buying a 1957 Trojan Sea Queen and have found a beautiful boat for sale. My concern however is that I live in Long Beach Ca and don’t want to be confined to the marina.

Can you take this size of boat out into the open ocean? I am not wanting to go out far but rather travel along the coast and visit neighboring cities and marinas. Is this something I could do in a sea queen or should I be looking for a larger boat. The one I’m considering has a 35hp Johnson 2cylinder outboard and everything is in good working condition.

I would love to get some good opinions so I don’t end up buying the wrong boat for my need.

Cheers, Dave.
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Re: Trojan Sea Queen sea worthiness

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I love the old Sea Queens. But its the wrong boat.

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