1962 26' Trojan Sea Breeze Express

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1962 26' Trojan Sea Breeze Express

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I am listing this for an Estate and hope one of you Trojan Members takes an interest in this beautiful wooden boat.

It has a 312 motor that has been rebuilt with a new transmission with only a few hours. But it hasn't been on the water since 2007.
The transom was replaced along with some hull repairs so that work is all done. Some wood trim pieces are in need of repair or replacement. Look at the attached pictures. I will be cleaning up this boat this week and will have pictures of the interior soon. The boat comes with a custom made trailer to haul it. With a weeks time of love this boat could be back on the water for you to enjoy the fall colors.

Contact: 651-387-5331 -- call or text.
Email: mdmartens@hotmail.com
Price: $5000 or BTrades Considered.
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