Trojan International 8.6

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Trojan International 8.6

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Trojan International 8.6 Meter Express.

This is one of Trojans quickest boats.

Twin 230 Mercruiser stern drives or 260 Mercruiser stern drives.

** When the 8.6 first came out they were test driving it on the Chesapeake up near Charleston MD.

The weather was ruff and they got the 8.6 up to around 45 plus miles per hour.

The slamming of the 8.6 against the waves broke the stringers.

There was then a recall of 100, 8.6 to fix the problem.

Trojan was known for always fixing a problem that was clearly a manufacturing mistake.

All the 8.6 were Mercruiser RH out drive.

Those who have changed one of the drives to a LH have found better performance.

Unlike other Internationals the 8.6 used Mercruiser controls, steering and gauges.

It was only towards the end of production when the gauge panel was changed did the gauges turn to VDO.

The 8.6 production ran from 1986 -1990
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