Help with packing seal on drive strut

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Help with packing seal on drive strut

Post by kathyrandy »

I’m new to the forum, so if someone knows this question has been answered, please point me to the posting, Thanks! … I’m owned by a 1976 F26 and the strut above the prop appears to have lost whatever packing/bearing/seal it once had. The shaft can wiggle with moderate shaking, which likely accounts for the rattle I get when I shift to Reverse. I can’t find info on how to renew the seal or even what those parts would be, and whether it can be done without removing the drive shaft. Any technical guidance?
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Re: Help with packing seal on drive strut

Post by larryeddington »

It is called the cutlass bearing and it can be replaced with the shaft in situ. The propeller will have to come off first and you will have to obtain the propper bearin. I do not know the bearing size but contact bob at beacon who can tell you. You will also need a specialized tool that pushes out and installs the new bearing. It is no give me in cost.

Search here for cutlass bearing replace and also generally on line.
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Re: Help with packing seal on drive strut

Post by prowlersfish »

As Larry said it is a cutlass bearing. While it can be replaced with the strut and shaft in place with the right tool. I Prefer to remove the strut when possible. Bob at Beacon will have the Bearing

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