What are your thoughts?

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What are your thoughts?

Post by TroyMorris »

So I'm having an unusual problem with my Trojan 10.8 international. The boat has 454's. So, a few weeks back, I was out on the boat for a few of hours and decided to drop anchor to hang out. While anchored, the boat gennie was operating. When I went to start the starboard engine to head back in, it started right up and operated for a few minutes before shutting down. I was able to restart it a few times after that, but it would rapidly shut down. We returned on one engine. The following week, the boat ran perfectly with no problems with either engine. Today, the identical problem occurs, but this time on the port engine. I opened the gas fill to see what would happen. The boat started right up with no problems. I put the fill cap back on and drove back without incident. The gas vent screen did not appear to be obstructed. What are your thoughts?
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Re: What are your thoughts?

Post by prowlersfish »

>Did you get a hissing noise taking off the cap? Are sure it's not spark? Your check valves at the tank could be bad and sticking. Sedan or express?
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Re: What are your thoughts?

Post by mrrudely »

some more information might be helpful
1) what kind of ignition?
2 )carb or efi?
3 if carb mechanical or electric fuel pump?
4) how much fuel is in the tanks?
5) if you have two tanks, is the crossover open or closed?

I agree with prowlersfish check the anti syphon valves although I think unlikely since it stalled at idle
I would check for spark to rule out electrical although that might be difficult if it starts right up after dying
I have a 10 meter with two tanks with the genset taking fuel from the starboard tank is it the same with the 10.8?

10 meter mid cabin
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