Trojan F26

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Trojan F26

Post by JC3 »

Guys/Gals, Looking at the Trojan F26 model. A couple of questions? How hard is it to get on plane with the 318? Would the 360 make any difference? If any F26 owners would care, please tell me what you think of the boat(Good & Bad). Thanks, JC
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Re: Trojan F26

Post by prowlersfish »

What year? There are 2 diffrent F26s. The early one is a v-drive (early 70s) The later inline. The 318 should have no problem getting either one on plane If it does have issues something is wrong. I don't think a 360 was offered by Trojan but not positive. A lot of room for a small boat. If I was looking for a boat that size it would be high on the list
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Re: Trojan F26

Post by Boppy »

I’ve owned a 1977 F26 HT (Hardtop) since 1999. The boat passed through 2-3 owners before me and it’s been on the same lake since new. It has the 318 and it gets up on plane using the levelers that came with it. WOT is 4200 RPM and it cruised comfortably at 3000 RPM at about 18-20 mph. My wife and I took it on a 6 week passage on the Erie Canal and it was a perfect boat for us. Over time I’ve replaced the water heater, rudder (lost it last year) fuel tank (original was galvanized and started rusting on the inside) and original fridge and upholstery. I’ve fixed soft spots on the deck and changed over all lights to LEDs. 3 years ago I installed solar panels on the hardtop and went from 2 lead acid batteries to lithiums for the house bank. I’m a former sailor but would never give her up for a sailboat. Great boat. Solid fiberglass hull. Balsa core deck that needs some TLC in places over time, usually in areas that have had hardware mounted to the deck without sealant. That Chrysler Marine 318 is bulletproof. Get a survey done if you’re serious.
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