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Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 10:38 am
by BeaconMarineBob

" Have you Ever Seen One? "

Only 14 were ever made. One was made in 1980 and 13 in 1981 Model 290 /292

There were two types of the F-29 available one called a Sportcruiser Model 292 which had bulkhead aft a hard top with flybridge.

The other had F-29 called Sportsman model 290 had a canvas top and half tower.

From our records of the 14 that were made only two of the model 292 were made.

We have no real photos of the 292 only the 292 rendering pictures.

There were eight different engine options available. Five diesel options and four gas options.

** Note the boxed engine compartments One box for each engine.

If you own one or know of any one who has one please have them contact us we have some interesting parts for her.

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