Tube light in Salon 120V or 12V?

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Tube light in Salon 120V or 12V?

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I have a 10M Express with original 36" T8 tube light on port and starboard in salon. The starboard side does not work. I assume it was the original tube light because it was extremely difficult to remove to the point I thought it might shatter as I attempted to rotate it for removal. I finally was able to remove it but it is so worn I cannot read any specs on it. There appears to be a ballast system attached to the lamp fixture. Does the ballast convert 12V to 120V to accommodate a standard T8 tube light or does this fixture call for a 12V RV/Marine light tube?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Tube light in Salon 120V or 12V?

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Your wiring diagram may tell you. You also can check with Bob Cushman at Beacon Marine.
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Re: Tube light in Salon 120V or 12V?

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Generally, a ballast is used as a "starter" for fluorescent lights so that they are allowed a very quick warm up of the gases inside upon power being applied so that the sudden spike in power when the switch is turned on doesn't cause the tube to "explode". I have generally only seen these in 110v applications (not to say that 12v may use them).

A quick way to tell if the light is 110v is to turn the light on and then turn off the main AC breaker at the panel. If the light goes out it is 110v, if it stays on it is supplied by the 12v (DC) system.
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Re: Tube light in Salon 120V or 12V?

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I changed to LED strips, the tubes seemed to run battery down if left on too long. Now no problem.
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