Trojan International 15 meter express

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Trojan International 15 meter express

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Graham D. Cardiza posted this current information about the one and only Trojan International 15 meter express on both the Trojan Facebook pages.

“ Back in 2017, I was given a lead as to the whereabouts of the infamous 1 of 1, 15 Meter Trojan! Built sometime in 1984/85.

It was sold to the first owner in August 1987 for a staggering price of $465,000USD. The original owner traded in his 13 Meter Express ($240,000) plus the additional options left him with $245,500 owing to Trojan-Bertram Inc.

We should also note that the original "retail price" was scheduled to be $579,000..... In 1984...... Crazy money back then!

It was built at Marina 84 Inc in Fort Lauderdale (this was Harry Schoells shop). It was all built in sections and bolted together, a very interesting way to build a boat.

Length. 50'
Beam. 17.8'

Yes, it was HUGE!

Powered by twin Detroit 8v92's producing 700hp each!

Test #'s back then showed that the yacht achieved nearly 35mph with the boat full of fuel and water. Keep in mind the boat was approx 30,000lbs dry!

Approx 3 years later, the original owner fell into financial trouble and the boat was sold to its second owner. The 15 meter spent most of its life in south Florida, particularly Fort Pierce! I had the honour of speaking with this gentleman and said he frequently took the boat to the Bahamas and even made a trip up to NYC. Very cool stories.

When I came across the boat it was in disrepair, as you can see from the multiple photos.

I kept in touch with the owner over the past couple of years, even offering to take the boat off his hands with no luck! It hadn't been used in 10+ years and just sat in a small run down marina.

I have now learned that that boat was sold in late 2023 in the amount of $5000 which is crazy to think about as this boat was a prototype and part of a long history of Trojan. From what I understand, the boat was cleaned up, engines serviced and will be heading to the Bahamas for its new owner! Not sure who bought it but hopefully it'll pop up sometime so we can follow its story.

Until then, I hope you've enjoyed the reader's digest version of the story!”
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Re: Trojan International 15 meter express

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Always been a mystery about this boat.

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