DID YOU KNOW? silicon rectifier (diode), Emergency Start

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DID YOU KNOW? silicon rectifier (diode), Emergency Start

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That on all Trojan F Boats with twin engines and Internationals when the engine start toggel/ rocker/ key or push button switch is in the momentary start position a silicon rectifier (diode) will close the battery paralleling solenoid ( emergency start solenoid).

This puts both battery banks in parallel and applies maximum battery power of the two battery banks to the starter of the engine being started.

If you ever have the case when you try to start one engine the other engine cranks it is caused by a bad rectifier/diode.

The Emergency Start Switch is the manual override.

For example if the port battery is completely dead the diode would not automatically work to close the paralleling solenoid when you tried to start the port engine.

Thus the need for a emergency start switch which would manually close the paralleling solenoid putting the starboard engine battery in parallel with port engine.
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