2020 Burgee are now in stock

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2020 Burgee are now in stock

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Yesterday we received the Trojan burgee order placed almost three months ago.

Since 2014 we have discounted the Trojan burgees so that each year every one can afford to proudly fly a Trojan burgee.

The Burgee is high quality, two sided. Each letter, the head and the border are stitched to the liner. This is a two sided burgee

Burgee size is 12” x 19”
Grommets are 10 3/4” center to center.

https://www.trojanboats.net/zencart/ind ... 62_163_169
DDACC500-445E-408E-84D0-0E590B1ABD95.jpeg (83.31 KiB) Viewed 2004 times
73F4517D-6231-428B-83DD-7A8461FB4EFB.jpeg (114.54 KiB) Viewed 2004 times
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