Trojan Original Invoice

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The Original Invoice can be a great help for anyone doing a survey of a Trojan (prior to purchase). Or, if your owners manual is missing the original invoice --OR-- just for your own information.

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To get the Original Invoice for your boat -- we need the Hull number. The Hull number acts as the fingerprint for your Trojan boat. It is usually found stamped into an aluminum plate (roughly 3in x 3in) and is often found in the electrical panel. Sometimes the engine number or numbers can also be found on this plate. Or, the TRJ number stamped into fiberglass on the starboard stern will work as well.

The Hull number is 3 digits followed by 4 digits. The first 3 digits designate the model number and the next 4 represent the year and production number. For example, a Trojan F32 could have a Hull number that might look like this - 321 8432 -- If you are having difficulty finding it -- call us and we can help you locate it.

The Hull# should be entered in the 'Comments' box when completing the checkout process

Note: Additional shipping charges will be assessed when shipping outside the continental US or Canada.
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