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The oil sender and temp senders for AC Delco are No longer available.

AC Delco senders used half the values of a standard value or Stewart Warner values gauges oil, water and fuel.

AC Delco gauges were used on all Trojan from 1970-1979 except the new model F-30 model 308 which used Datcon gauges.

You can not use a standard values sender with any AC Delco gauge because standard valve senders are double the values of AC Delco gauge.

You can not use a standard value gauge with a AC Delco gauge. For example a AC temp gauge at lower station and a standard valves gauge on flybrige.

Also unlike standard values gauges there are single and dual AC Delco gauges.

On standard value gauges to make a gauge be daul or single the sender is daul or single.

We have some AC Delco gauges daul and single new and used. There were two different styles of
AC Delco gauges ones with orange needles and ones with white needles. It is often hard to tell the difference because the orange needle turns white over the years.

We also have the fuel sender for the AC Delco gauge.

We have replacement gauges that are a close match to the appearance of a AC Delco gauge and matching senders.

If you have a Trojan 1980 - 1992 we have Datcon gauges and senders as well as VDO gauges and senders.
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