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Fish the Wave of the Future
On Trojan Technology

Because of its remarkable 'DeltaConic' hull, the Trojan 10-Meter Sport-Fisherman may well be the most stable fishing platform in the history of boating. Its unique, patented shape actually counteracts wave action when at rest in an open sea. This makes it a dream to fish from.

Further advantages include planing at lower speeds which adds to a greatly increased fuel efficiency, smoother entry into oncoming waves and an extremely gentle, dry ride. This remarkable new hull is also available on the Trojan American Series of 20', 22' and 26' center console fishing boats.

The wide 13' beam provides for a cockpit area of over 170 square feet, real room to fish. And with 242 gallons of fuel in a sturdy, welded aluminum tank, you'll get out to the big ones and back with fuel to spare.
Now, forget about fishing, if you can. Think about speed, about luxury, about one of the most modern, sensuous interiors ever designed. There is a space age control module that is a marvel of design and engineering. A sleek, swept-back windshield, a circular stairway. There are elegant, curved bulkheads; soft, modern fabrics; indirect lighting; automatic, push-button cabin doors; a complete galley; overhead air-conditioning. Everything is shaped and molded into place.

It is the ultimate fishing machine given life and depth and reality by one of the most respected manufacturers of fiberglass yachts in the world. Trojan Yachts -- where the evolution of excellence never stops.

Take the 'DeltaConic' ride at your Trojan dealer today. For more information, contact your nearest Trojan dealer or write to: Trojan Yacht, Dept. 3B , P.O. Box 3571, Lancaster; PA 17603

1982 trojan 10M sport fisherman

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