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The Trojan Steering System
Chain/Shaft Type -- Standard Practices

Throttle Controls
The throttle levers are connected to the carburetors by push-pull cables similar to those on the reverse gears. They must be so adjusted that the carburetor throttle plate opens fully, and at closed throttle position the idle adjusting screw must seat firmly against the stop.

Shaft Coupling and Alignment
All shafts and couplings are checked with a dial indicator after the coupling is pressed on, and before installation, to insure accuracy. The engines are aligned and coupled to the shafts, and running test is made at the factory to assure smooth operation. The coupling is then unbolted for shipment. After launching, the dealer makes any necessary adjustments to engine alignment, and couples the shafts.

Engine alignment should be rechecked after the boat is water borne for a few days, and from time to time thereafter, particularly if any signs of misalignment appear, such as noise or vibration. Realignment should be attempted only by a qualified mechanic. Checking the alignment is fairly simple, as follows:

Holding the flanges together by hand, try a .003" feeler at the top, bottom and sides. Then turn each flange 1/2 turn at a time, and recheck at each position. The feeler should not enter at any position. If the feeler enters but the gap remains at the same location regardless of the flange positions, the engine is out of line. If it moves around with the flange, the flange is out, or the shaft is bent.

typical steering type chain

Twin Engine Steering Adjustment
With rudders in the dead ahead position, the trailing edge of the rudder blade must toe out 2-1/2° plus or minus 1/4° (2-1/2° 7/16" in 10" of blade width). That is, on rudders having 10" of blade width, the dimension between rudders should be 7/8" greater at the trailing edge than at the leading edge.

With rudders in the dead ahead position as outlined above, the tillerarm tying the two rudders together should be set so that the forward end of the arm is toed in at 10 degrees plus or minus 1°. That is, on 5" arms the dimension between the center-line of the forward holes should be 1-5/8" less than the dimension between the center-line of the aft holes. (See sketch below)

twin engine steering adjustment

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